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The Bavarian Tradition Show
Wandelung - Contemporary Classical Compositions

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Dream TreeDream Tree - the new album

Vroni's recording of a new piano cycle is now available for sale on this site. The music is performed by Kirsteen Davidson Kelly and inspirational images were created by Roni Horn. The album was recorded in the Reid Concert Hall by fabulous sound engineer Paul Baxter. Go to the link to get a copy of the Dream Tree album.
[Dream Tree Album Cover - Roni Horn / V. Holzmann]

Buy the new album

A major project has come to an end in which Vroni composed works every day for a year and a day from 12/12/2012 to 12.12.2013. She will produce an album at the beginning of next year containing some of these works. Kirsteen Davidson-Kelly will record and perform the new works and related inspirational paintings by collaborators Karl Sylvester and Roni Horn will be exhibited in an installation.
[Salisbury Craigs - Painting: Karl Sylvester]

Wandelung website


Seasonal Noisy Nights

It was a fun Noisy Nights on 9 December 2013 at the Travers Theatre. The theme was that every newly written work had to include a wellknown Christmas carol. The contemporary composers often obscured these, and some pieces were comical takes on the Christmas topic. Vroni's work Memories of Things not True was performed beautifully by Tom Poulson on trumpet, Andy Sounders on horn and Neil Gallie on trombone. John Harris was as ever the conductor and the organiser of the night together with Robert Irvine. Vroni's piece also included a spoken part about memories, this was beautifully read by Stephanie Irvine.
[Red Note Ensemble - Photo: V. Holzmann]

Red Note Ensemble Website


Playing Piano on Portobello Beach

Portobello Beach must be the obvious choice to play your piano on, but for some reason Vroni had never made it there yet. But with help from her piano buddy for the day, Zoubida, the little piano was set up on the promenade, to the big surprise of passers by. They asked over and over again, how did you get it here? It was a joy to watch so many people walk past with their dogs, and happy kids with ice creams listening to ragtime and jazz.
[Streetpiano on Portobello Beach - Photo: Zoubida Djellal]

Pictures of the Day

Streetpiano This Summer

The streetpiano has been loaded into the van and tuned by Bob who has known this little creature for a long time. He is always astonished how well this instrument is coping with the constant loading and it seems we don't need bigger repairs this year. Vroni will be playing the Meadows and go on a Tour of the Highlands which will be great fun, dodging the rain and surprising people with a busking instrument bigger than they've ever seen. She will also be enjoying the village pubs at night no doubt and is very much looking forward to this adventure.
[Bob Allan tunes the piano in the van - Photo: Holzmann]

New Works and Inspirations

New works are in the process of completion after an inspirational trip with Karl Sylvester, the painter of the Wandelung album cover. Vroni and Karl went to Arran and Loch Lomond to create paintings of inspirational landscapes which she had composed pieces for. Karl listened to those whilst painting. They also set up on Arthur's Seat where the process was started the opposite direction, with Karl painting and Vroni now working on a piece called One Thousand Years inspird by a drawing of Karl's. Both artists are very excited about this new installation and album which will hopefully be world premiered by the end of this year.
[Karl Sylvester paints theHoly Island on Arran - Photo: Holzmann]

Sold Out Bavarian Shows in Leith

The Bavarian Show, Bavarian Dance and Games Evening and White Sausage Breakfast were a huge success. They were held at the Out of the Blue Arts Venue in Dalmeny Street, Leith on 12 to 14 April 2013. Both evenings were sold out due to an obvious shortage of Bavarian events in Edinburgh. Vroni und de Lausbuam (Vroni Holzmann, Isabel Lohss, Sarah Phizacklea and Marcus Britton) played several sets of Bavarian music, including Pigsong and Yodelling song. After this everybody learned to dance Bavarian style and hold steins of beer as long as possible, which was part of the Bavarian competitions. There was also a Colouring and Drawing competition, with designs of Bavarian Lion and Shield. See the winners with the link below.
[Vroni und de Lausbuam - Photo: Eric Swanepoel]

Pictures from the Bavarian Beer Festival

Bavarian Colouring and Drawing Competition

Bavarian Beer Festival

The Drill Hall's springtime take on the Oktoberfest will bring beer and fun to Edinburgh this April! Join our three-day extravaganza on 12 to 14 of April with Bavarian Tradition Show, Bavarian ceilidh, authentic live music, food and beer. Yodelling, Gemütlichkeit, competitive wood chopping, Maßkrugstemmen and fun for the whole family. Presented by Vroni Holzmann in collaboration with the Drill Hall Arts Café.
[Bavarian Festival Poster - Design: Frank Shields]

Drill Hall Website and Bavarian Beer Festival Info


A new work was premiered on 25 Feb 2013 by the Red note Ensemble and conducted by John Harris. The work Fragments had been written for an ensemble of flute, trumpet and cello, and was beautifully performed by Ruth Morley, Mark O'Keeffe and Robert Irvine at the TraversTheatre Bar. The piece will be performed again at the Lemontree in Aberdeen on 9 Mar 2013.
[Red Note Ensemble with John Harris - photo: Holzmann]

Very Noisy Film Night

John Harris and the Red Note Ensemble created a new version of Noisy Nights at the Traverse Theatre Bar on 10 Dec 2012. The task this time was for composers to write music for short films which had been chosen for them. Vroni wrote the work Night Flows for an ensemble of violin, viola and cor anglaise and it was beautifully performed by Jackie Shave, Jane Atkins and Gareth Hulse. The film which screened together with her music was titled Leith Walk and had been created by Laurie Irvine.
[Noisy Nights Screen - photo: Holzmann]

Red Note Ensemble's Website

Lifelines in the The Herald Magazine

Vicky Allan interviewed Vroni about her piano tours and also her past and influences for this article in the Herald on 24 November 2012. The piano even got taken on and outing to Portobello Beach where Herald photographer Stewart Attwood shot the pianist. No, not really, he just shot the accompanying photo.
[Lifelines - dig image: Holzmann]

Read the Herald Magazine article

Tour of Europe 2012 Slide Show

A tour slide show has been published with photographs of the adventure as it unfolded. Vroni is grateful to all the photographers who happily snapped away on tour and captured all those moments.
[Tour of Europe 2012, Krems on the Danube - photo: Joffy Himmler]

Streetpiano Tour of Europe 2012 Slide Show


Oktoberfest Bruncheon in the Drill Hall

Vroni had the pleasure to play Bavarian music with Isi Lohss on accordion, Marcus Britton on Bavarian sousaphone and Jamie Craig on guitar. The occasion was of course the Oktoberfest season which was marked with a special Brunch date in the Drill Hall.
[Tour of Europe 2012, Krems on the Danube - photo: Lorraine]

Tour of Europe 2012 - Arrival in Scotland

The tour this summer took over two months to complete and was a major effort including 14 countries and 17 new cities which Vroni and her piano had never visited before. Streetpiano and van have arrived safely on the shores of Alba, just in time to play piano in the park for the Edinburgh Festival and to catch some good weather for some more Scottish touring. A tour journal will soon be published, until then the link below provides some information about this epic adventure.
[Tour of Europe 2012, Oslo - photo: Roni Horn]

Streetpiano Tour Report and some photos of this year's tour

Streetpiano Blog 2012

Upper Bavarian TV

Piano Music in the Pedestrian Zone? A question asked by TV station RFO. An interview with Vroni by the Regional Fernsehen Oberbayern was broadcast on 7 July 2012. Daniela Kurz asked Vroni about her Tour of Europe on the Series DienstTalk.
[RFO Interview with Daniela Kurz]

Watch the RFO Interview

OVB Portrait

Vroni became part of a column in the Upper Bavarian People's Newspaper, as Das Oberbayerische Volksblatt would be translated as. The series is designed to give an insight into the lives of people who are known in the area, amongst others with questions like: How would you explain your profession to a child? Sigrid Knothe interviewed Vroni for this artist's portrait and Vroni was delighted to have been asked.
[OVB Portrait Scan - V Holzmann]

Read the OVB Portrait here

30 Verstärkte Vetternjahre 1982 - 2012

The petrolsong is having another outing on CD. It has been published on a limited edition of the ultimate Vettern compilation CD-set, containing many songs by bands who performed there over the last thirty years. It's a double album containing one CD 'for fine ears' and one CD 'for robust ears'. We are happy to report that Tincat has been classified as for fine ears.

more about 30 Verstärkte Vetternjahre at www.vfbk.com

Press in Rosenheim

The Streetpiano has had great press coverage in Bavaria, with articles in Das Oberbayerische Volksblatt and Rosenheimer Blickpunkt, one of them over three pages with a detailed interview about the Streetpiano Tour of Europe 2012.
[Blickpunkt Article Scan - V Holzmann]

Read the Blickpunkt article

Read the OVB article

Vetternwirtschaft Exhibition

The Vetternwirtschaft, a pub and arts venue in Rosenheim, invited Vroni to exhibit photographs this summer. Titled Vronis Vettometer, the exhibition was openend on the 20th of July 2012 at the Vetternwirtschaft. It contains images of Vroni's experiences in the many years the pub has been running, and displays a variety of topics, from the funny to the serious to the downright curious.
[Vetternparty 2000 - photo: V Holzmann]

Vronis Vettometer online exhibition - coming soon

Radio Charivari Broadcast

When Vroni arrived with her piano in the centre of Rosenheim, her home town, on 18 July 2012, a radio reporter was already waiting for her. She wanted to interview Vroni about playing piano in the streets of this town and this was broadcast that same afternoon while Vroni was still playing.
[Sophie Dancing, Rosenheim, Tour of Europe 2012 - photo: Sue Heigl]

L'Alsace reports: Streetpiano in Mulhouse

An article about Vroni's Tour of Europe has appeared in L'Alsace, the newspaper for the former German-speaking part of France, Alsace. Vroni played Mulhouse on her tour of Switzerand, Liechtenstein and France, and this little town was very happy about a streetpiano stopping off and playing ragtime in their town square.
[Mulhouse Newspaper article scan - V Holzmann]

Read the L'Alsace article - translation by Zoubida Djellal

Carosono World Premiere

New works by Vroni have been performed for the first time in Germany on 29th of June 2012. The compositions Dance with Us and Little Waltz were performed at a charity concert in Rosenheim by Carosono, a quintet with two flutes, violin, cello and bassoon. The performers were Monika Hutter, Kerstin Müller, Christiane Schwerdtel, Jenny Krech and Annette Littger. It was very well received and the ensemble have asked Vroni to write for them again in the future.
[Carosono Poster - V Holzmann]

Tour of Europe 2012 - The Journey is about to begin

Vroni is about to set off on tour with her little streetpiano again. This will be an adventure on a big scale, at least in terms of dragging a piano around the streets of Europe's major cities. She is hoping to play in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland, France, Belgium and other countries that catch her eye. The Rock Van is waiting patiently in Sweden, piano and all, for this streetpiano journey to begin.
[Pilsen, Czech Republic, Tour of Europe 2011 - Stina Schwerdtel]

Tour of Europe 2011 - A Journey with a Piano on Board (PDF)

Commission for Carosono Quintet

In January 2011 Vroni had been commissioned to write two pieces for Flute Quintet by the Carisono Quintet based in Grosskarolinenfeld, Germany. She was delighted to write the works Dance with Us and The Little Waltz for this occasion, and the pieces will be world premiered on 29th of June 2012.
[Dance with us Score - V Holzmann]

Noisy Nights goes Pop

This time the eclectic contemporary music group that is the Red Note Ensemble asked in their calls for submissions that composers would hand in a new work for violin, cello and freebass accordion as well as a 4/4 backing track, as this time they wanted to create a pop version of the contemporary event.
Vroni collaborated with Conrad Molleson on this and wrote a piece titled Korallenriff which was brilliantly performed by Jackie Shave (violin), Robert Irvine (cello) and Andreas Borregaard (accordion) on the night in Travers Theatre 2. This was a change of venue from bar to concert hall, and worked particularly well in this instance as the audience could concentrate on pumping beats and electronic noises whilst listening to the live ensemble perform.
[Traverse Theatre 28 May 2012 - V Holzmann]

Red Note Ensemble's Website

A Journey with a Piano on Board

The tour journal of Vroni's Streetpiano Tour of Europe 2011 has been published online. Read here about last summer's street piano adventures. Vroni visited 20 cities around Europe with her piano and had many interesting encounters. In Sweden she found tranquility, in Austria permission problems, in Germany tuning sponsorship and in Ireland rain. She travelled, played piano and drank beer.
Vroni is planning another tour this year. Hopefully there will be lots of sunshine to make her little piano feel welcome in cities around Europe on her next adventure.
[Sunflower Field on Tour - Stina Schwerdtel]

Tour of Europe 2011 - A Journey with a Piano on Board (PDF)

Wandelung at the Edinburgh Society of Musicians

A full recital of both Wandelung piano cycles was performed by Kirsteen Davidson Kelly on 18 Feb 2012. The venue was the beautiful concert hall at the Edinburgh Society of Musicians where recitals of chamber music are performed every Saturday evening.
Kirsteen began with 3 short pieces by Max Richter, like Kirsteen and Vroni an alumni of Edinburgh University. His works were an amazing contribution to this concert series, the pieces adding another dimension for the listener. Max Richter lives and works in Berlin.
[Kirsteen in concert at the Edinburgh Society of Musicians - photo: V. Holzmann]

Max Richter online

The Edinburgh Society of Musicians

4 Star Review of Davidson Kelly's performance

The concert on Tuesday 24th January was reviewed by the Edinburgh Reporter. ' Kirsteen Davidson-Kelly’s immaculately performed piano recital', writes David Kettle, 'made every melody sing, and every chord chime with precisely the right weighting.'
He described Vroni's composition Wandelung - Preface as 'magical' and gave the Edinburgh University lunchtime concert 4 stars.
[Kirsteen Davidson Kelly at the Reid Concert Hall - V. Holzmann]

Read the Edinburgh Reporter review of the concert

Kirsteen Davidson Kelly performs Wandelung

Two concerts of Vroni's music will be performed by Kirsteen Davidson Kelly in January and February.
These solo piano concerts feature, 'evocative post-minimal music by Max Richter and Vroni Holzmann, a rare departure from my usual high-energy multi-piano work, and a chance to hear some very appealing and reflective contemporary piano music' (Kirsteen Davidson Kelly)
The concerts will take place on Tuesday 24th January at 13.10 at the Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square and on
Friday 18th February at 19.30 at the Edinburgh Society of Musicians inBelford Road.
[Kirsteen and Vroni - photo: Eric Swanepoel]


Noisy Nights Christmas Special

John Harris conducted another eclectic mix of contemporary music on 12 Dec 2011. This time Jackie Shave (violin), Robert Irvine (cello) and Simon Smith (harmonium) played 15 brand new compositions, three of which had been written on the night at the 10-minute composer's challenge. Vroni's piece Walk in Fog was performed beautifully and eerily by the ensemble.
[Red Note Ensemble - photo: V .Holzmann]

Tour of Europe 2011 Slideshow

The Tour of Europe has come to an end. With its five tour legs it took two months to complete. It was a major adventure and involved piano busking in 8 countries and 20 cities. The van and piano covered 5500 miles, going all directions from its temporary base Rosenheim in Bavaria to the Czech Republic, Austria, Scandinavia, Belgium and via its home country Scotland to Ireland. Eight tour partners and countless strangers helped to load and unload the piano over 40 times. See the slidehow to this adventure here, a detailed tour summary will be published soon.
[Tour of Europe 2011 Prater in Vienna - photo: Sophie O'Riordan-Holzmann]

See the Streetpiano Tour of Europe 2011 Slideshow

Bavarian Beer Songs at Leith on the Fringe

"I have come all the way from Bavaria to introduce to you Bavarian traditions like Schunkeln, Drinking Beer Together and the ancient Bavarian tradition activity of Getting Up and Sitting Down Again." In this way Vroni began the evening at Live in Leith, a Leith on the Fringe show which was part of the Edinburgh International Arts Festival. The event on August 27th was live streamed and concluded Leith on the Fringe for the Year 2011.
[Vroni at Live in Leith - photo: Eric Swanepoel]


Streetpiano on the Fringe

The Meadows this year might not have been the ideal venue as rain and cold wind made the venue slightly tricky for piano playing. Vroni braved the conditions as often as possible though to play during the festival in order to give people who are looking for a calm and peaceful setting an open air concert. Vroni considers her streetpiano performances a festival act on 'the fringe of the Fringe'. People can get themselves an icecream or a coffee and sit in the grass and listen to some ragtime.
[Vroni at Live in Leith - photo: Gerry Forsyth]


Traquair Fair 2011

The Traquair Fair in the Scottish Borders is always a great family festival. This year it was titled 'Traquair on Fire'. Unfortunately it was raining almost non-stop, so Vroni ended up playing ragtime in the ancient chapel of Traquair House. An unusual setting indeed, but as punters were seeking indoors entertainment it was a great way to provide them with early jazz tunes.
[Vroni at Live in Leith - photo: Gerry Forsyth]

Streetpiano Ragtime - The New Album Out Now

A new album of classic streetpiano tunes has been released. It contains 50 minutes of tunes selected for Vroni's open air piano concerts. The Entertainer, Singing in the Rain, I got Rhythm and In the Mood all feature on the new album Streetpiano Ragtime. The first volume of tunes played by Vroni in the streets and parks of Europe has also been re-released under it's original title Streetpiano Boogie. Both CDs are available at www.streetpiano.com.
[Streetpiano Ragtime Album Cover - digital image: V. Holzmann]

purchase Streetpiano CDs here & more information

10 Years of Streetpiano

A short film about Vroni's piano busking has been newly released on youtube. It captures 10 years of Vroni's piano playing in the streets, and also answers the question which she has been asked hundreds of times: "But how did you get it there?" Watch this funny little short film on youtube and try to spot cities and places from a streetpiano perspective.
[10 Years of Streetpiano - digital image: V. Holzmann]

watch 10 Years of Streetpiano on youtube

Streetpiano Tour of Europe 2011

Vroni is planning a Tour of Europe this summer. The tour will include Scandinavia and other regions the little piano has never travelled to yet. Vroni will begin this tour in Germany and then make her way to the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Belgium before returning to the UK. A lot lot of sunshine will help Vroni to play her street piano concerts, and she has her fingers crossed that the weather in Europe will allow for her to busk with her piano in all those exciting places.
[Royal Mile Piano 2011 with Scots - photo: Eric Swanepoel]

read about the Tour of Europe 2011 at Vroni's Streetpiano Blog


The Edinburgh Reporter Chats

Vroni had the honour to be asked to the Balmoral Hotel for an early morning interview by Edinburgh news website The Edinburgh Reporter. An article and the interview, filmed by Samantha Taylor, were published as part of the Edinburgh Reporter chats series.
[Balmoral Interview - photo: Edinburgh Reporter]

go to 'Edinburgh Reporter chats - Vroni Holzmann'

The Edinburgh Reporter

Scotland on Sunday 4 Star Review

The Wandelung album received a 4 star review from Alexander Bryce in Scotland on Sunday. He writes about the composer drawing on poems for some of the pieces: "The effect is meditative rather than declamatory, the style often using repetition for its impact. Ravel comes to mind, as does Arvo Pärt."
[Scotland on Sunday Classical Review - digital image: V. Holzmann]

read the review

Radio Charivari Broadcast

Radio Charivari broadcast an interview with Vroni about the Wandelung collaboration on 29 Mar 2011. The collaboration was described in more detail, like the inspirational method of Karl Sylvester painting landscapes in the Welsh countryside while listening to the Wandelung compositions.
[View from Rhayader Castle by Karl Sylvester - digital image: V. Holzmann]


New Upper Bavarian Ambassador

Bavarian radio station 'Bayern 1' has elected Vroni as an ambassador of Bavaria:
'By tradition the Scots and the Bavarians get along very well why is hard to pinpoint. In any case Vroni Holzmann is a genuine native from Rosenheim and has found a new home country so to say as an ambassador for Upper Bavaria'.
Vroni was also described as an artist who brings her art to the people. 'Vroni Holzmann's art is never out of touch with reality and always down to earth.' The presenter spoke about her diverse arts projects: 'for this artist every path leads in a new direction'. (Annette Kugler, Bayern 1). 
[Vroni im Dirndl - photo: Cameron Jack]

listen to the Broadcast


Tranquility and Comfort

The Bavarian Newspaper Oberbayerisches Volksblatt described the music on the album Wandelung as ' modern, but memorable and often meditative in rhythm, minimalist but not monotonous. Delicate and brilliant tonal sequences vary in calming regularity and are only occasionally interrupted by vibrant chords'. The review is titled Ruhe und Geborgenheit, 'the calm and softly pulsating rhythms of the two piano cycles radiate a feeling of great tranquility and comfort' (Georg Füchtner, 22/3/2011)
[Wandelung review - digital excerpt]

read the review (translation into English supplied)

Noisy Nights in Baroque Mode

The Traverse Bar hosted another Noisy Night on 21 Mar 2011, this time with baroque instruments and, as always, works written especially for the night. Vroni's piece Moon for harpsichord and baroque cello got its world premiere that night, beautifully played by Simon Smith on harpsichord and Eilidh Martin on her very special antique cello which dates back to the 1600s.
Noisy Nights has started a new challenging competition, which is to compose a piece of music on the night within 10 minutes. The best speed-composed work is performed on the night. It can now honestly be said that Noisy Nights plays the newest music around.
[Eilidh Martin - photo: V. Holzmann]

Kipper's Bruncheon at the Drill Hall

Vroni had the honour to play for Kipper and his friends on 12 Mar 2011. She played her Ragtime and Stride Piano with double bass support from John Sikorski, and later spun the decks as DJ VruVru, dusting off her old record collection and entertaining with Jazz and Honky Tonk piano classics from the 1920s.
The Bruncheons at the Drill Hall happen on the 2nd Saturday of every month and feature live acoustic music from 12 to 3pm and lovely food prepared by the Drill Hall Arts Cafe.
[Vroni Holzmann and John Sikorski - photo: Swanepoel/Maguire]

find out about the next Bruncheon

Music Routes at Leith FM

On 27 Feb 2011 Vroni had the honour to be invited as a guest on Jim Welsh's Programme Music Routes at Radio Leith FM. The piano works Schlaf wohl, Petito and Lullaby for a Sleepy Child all got their broadcasting premieres on this sunny afternoon in Leith and Jim asked his guest all about her music, latest projects and strange accent. Music Routes is a briliant mix of music, with no genre discriminated and the most interesting combinations of local talent, live guests and Leith humour...
[Jim Welsh at Leith FM - photo: V. Holzmann]

listen to part of the broadcast

Leith FM online

Regional Fernsehen Oberbayern

On 15 Feb 2011 the regional TV station RFO invited Vroni for an Interview on their show DiensTalk. Damion Hawkins focussed mainly on the new album and was also interested in streetpiano and petrolsong. Vroni is particularly happy about press interest in her home town as she can combine alpine skiing and work that way. She is also proud to announce that her album is now available at KARSTADT in Rosenheim, and although this may be a bit far for her friends in Edinburgh she is hoping that some of her old school friends may find it there...
[DiensTalk Interview Still - photo: V. Holzmann]

watch the interview

BBC Radio Scotland Broadcast

Classics Unwrapped is the BBC Radio Scotland's Sunday afternoon show famous for introducing new works to the listener. It was here that Vroni's piece 'The Cross' was for the first time introduced to a radio audience on 13 Feb 2011. Jamie MacDougall, the presenter of the show, described the piece as "very affective and instantly appealing".
[The Cross score - digital excerpt]

listen to the Broadcast

Closing and Short Film Event

The Closing of the current collaborative exhibition Wandelung by Vroni Holzmann and Karl Sylvester will be combined with a Short Film Event and music by Fiona Rutherford on the Scottish Harp. It takes place on20 Jan 2011 at the Out of the Blue Arts Space where the exhibition is on display.
Films shown will include the Premiere of Treasure Hunt by Vroni Holzmann and new film poems by Alastair Cook and other film makers.
The documentary Treasure Hunt was filmed in the Museum of Scotland before it closed its doors to the public for three years for major refurbishment. A little girl is exploring the vast museum space - skipping, running and jumping - while doing a treasure hunt.
[Otter's Rock by Karl Sylvester - photo: V. Holzmann]

Wandelung Closing and Short Film Event

go to Out of the Blue

Wandelung Exhibition at the Drill Hall

The exhibition of all visual art work of the Wandelung collaboration by Vroni and Karl has gone on display at the Out of the Blue Arts Space in Leith. As the music is an important part of this collaboration CD players are provided for viewers and they can listen to the music while walking around the compositions.
The exhibition will run until 21st of January 2011.
[Wandelung exhibition - photo: V. Holzmann]

more about the Wandelung Collaboration at www.wandelung.net

The Petrolsong on Bute FM

We are proud to give the news of a recent Broadcast of the petrolsong. It has now been heard on the Isle of Bute, as Bobby was so kind to play it on his show Bobby Wilson's Lunch Box. We got to meet all the DJs of that fabulous station as well, and are hoping that the step from being played on Bute FM to all the major radio stations is a small one and right around the corner...
[petrolsong video shoot - the crowd in the van - photo: V. Holzmann]

Bute FM online

the petrolsong on youtube

Wandelung - The Album

Emotional minimalistic narratives and reflective spaces... Music inspired by paintings and vice versa... A recording of Vroni's compositions which is part of a bigger collaboration is now being released by Synchrony Sounds, with the sheet music soon available at Europa Edition Ltd.
[River Wye Deep Freeze - painting: Karl Sylvester]

more about the Album


The Drama at Noisy Nights

The Red Note Ensemble at Noisy Nights played a particularly interesting programme this time,starting with an instrumental combination of oboe, accordion, marimba and drum kit. The concert on 9th of October 2010 at the Travers Theatre Bar included an oboe piece that had the instruction for listeners to close their eyes while the oboe moved around the room, and the piece Dozen it make you sick? by Andy Ingamells was a score full of colours which was most passionately played by the musicians whilst being rolled out in front of them. Vroni had her piece The Drama performed which took the audience to a dark and uncomfortable space she had recently occupied. Organised and conducted by John Harris and Robert Irvine.
[Noisy Nights Rehearsal - photo: V. Holzmann]

Meadows Ragtime

The Meadows this year were memorable for some really sunny days. The Scottish found themselves enjoying a Southern athmosphere and Vroni had folk sit down with an ice cream in front of the piano while listening to some Ragtime and Stride.
[Meadows Piano - photo: Eric Swanepoel]


Lady Charleston at Traquair

Lady Charleston made her appearance at Traquair Fair this year, entertaining the festival audience with Boogie Woogie, Ragtime and even some Chopin. She was located near the amazing Traquair Maze, and allegedly her piano tunes helped those who were lost in finding their way out.
[Lady Charleston - photo: Eric Swanepoel]

See more pictures of Lady Charleston at Traquair Fair 2010


The Rock Van has met its maker

The sad rumours are true and this loyal vehicle has gone off to mingle with other rusters at the scrap yard. Not before it had a chance for some racing action though. This can only happen to vehicles which have to be put down before their hearts stop beating in order to avoid the Ministry Of Transport taking more money off their honest owners. Thus there was still some spirit in those wheels which made the whole goodbye even harder. For commemorative pictures please see the link below, and to sign the memorial book just go to www.myvanisdead.co.uk. And to check out where the van has travelled with its pop video and send it further around the world go to Rock Travels.
[Rock 78 - photo: Rory Balloch]

Commemorative Remembrances

Rock Travels

Quintessential Winds

Postgraduate Composition Works were performed by the Links Quintet on 21 May 2010 at St Cecilia's Hall. All pieces had been written especially for this Woodwind Quintet. Vroni's work 'Dance of Delight' had been inspired by a very obstacled journey which nevertheless ended well.
[The Links Quintet - photo: Holzmann]

More photos from the night

Girl cradling a lobster

As part of the New Music Festival which premiered over 30 contemporary music pieces the Composers' Orchestra played Vroni's work titled 'Girl cradling a lobster. This piece has been inspired by a painting by Mary Trodden.
[Nigel Osborne and the Composers' Orchestra - photo: Holzmann]

View the painting that inspired this orchestral work

While I'm waiting ...

A composition of Vroni's has been performed at the Traverse Theatre Bar on April 26th 2010 as part of the latest Noisy Nights event. While I'm waiting is a piece for Saxophone, Guitar and Cello, and was played beautifully by Carole Sutherland, Allan Neave and Rudi De Groote of the Red Note Ensemble. As always John Harris was conducting.
[Noisy Nights - photo: Holzmann]

The petrolsong is travelling the world...
where has it arrived?

The petrolsong (aka The Great Out There) and its pop video have been travelling the world and have since arrived in big places like Montreal, Buenos Aires, Thessaloniki and Paris; in smaller places like Cruden Bay, Huntingdon Valley and Unterbiberg; and it has definitely been heard in parts of Edinburg such as Portobello, Leith Walk and the Stockbridge Colonies. Let me know if you have spotted it elsewhere... No city is too big, no village too small for this van to travel through with its rockin tales...
[the van rocks along - photo: Holzmann]

Where has the petrolsong been heard so far?

watch the petrol song video on youtube

Edinburgh University Sinfonietta
Concert at the Reid Hall

On 23 February 2010 eight composers from the University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Department of Composition had Variations to a theme performed. They had been commissioned by the Edinburgh University Sinfonietta Orchestra and the theme was 'He stole my tender heart away' by Dezede. The whole evening was dedicated to French composers around the turn of the century and was incredibly well performed by this youthful orchestra. Vroni's variation was titled 'He danced on my heart'.
[The Composers - photo: Margaret Bruce]


Sending the petrol song
around the world

The petrolsong (aka The Great Out There) has been digitally released for the first time on December 31st 2009. A pop video was shot just before the release and is now available to watch on youtube. The video involved lots of people getting into the van on a trip to the little town of Rock...
Sadly the strains of the video shoot caused the already ageing Rock Van to pass away to wheely heaven - May You Rust In Peace...
[The Great Out There - photo: Holzmann]

watch the petrol song video on youtube

watch the petrol song video in full quality

Double Take
at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre

Mothers and their toddlers and babies took part in a project aimed to support those who struggle in any way when bringing up children. The project was taking place just before Christmas at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre. It has been organised by Vroni since 2006 and an on-line exhibition with photographs and statements will follow shorty.
[Fudge and Iamba - photo: Holzmann]

photographs of Double Take children

link to the Pregnancy and Parents Centre

The Cabaret With No Name
at the Big Red Door

Vroni, Resi (Karen Harris) and Sepp (Conrad Molleson) joined another circus night at the Big Red Door. Their act followed Mean Ronnie Woodman, who makes rare appearances in Edinburgh as he is usually too drunk or too grumpy. His Blues Gig set the mood brilliantly though for some Bavarian songs and traditions which had the crowd in stitches as well as jumping up and down on their seats...
[Vroni, Sepp and Sepp - photo: Eric Swanepoel]

pictures of the night


Noisy Nights
The Red Note Ensemble at the Traverse Bar

On November 2nd 09 the Red Note Ensemble performed new music with the instrumentation of Flute, Horn, Marimba and Cello. Vroni's piece a quiet room and sparrows was reviewed by the Evening News as "mesmerising in it's rhythm and building melody".
[Noisy Nights - photo: Holzmann]

read Evening News review 'A mixed bag of delights'

Kippers Bruncheon
in dedication to the German Reunification
at the Drill Hall in Leith

November 14th 09 saw an eclectic mix of music, some of it German in dedication to the cause, performed at the Drill Hall East-meets-West Arts Cafe in Leith. After beautiful piano tunes by Sam Makin and the Makin Three the audience was presented with contemporary classical compositions followed by Boogie Woogie. The Trio consisted of Joey on cello, Conrad on Double Bass and Vroni on piano. After a rendition of the Rootbeerrag they went away and changed, and when they came back, as usual, everybody had to get up and sit down again countless times and yodel their hearts out. Thanks to Isi for making this event happen, it is one of the most beautiful and inclusive music events in town.
[Joey, Conrad and Vroni at the Drill Hall - photo: Georgios Athanasopoulos]

more pictures from the Bruncheon

Concert of String Theories
at Kings Place, London
and BBC Broadcast

Sara Mohr-Pietsch on BBC Radio 3 presented conversation and music from a diverse and intercontinental group of musicians at the String Theories event at London's Kings Place, which was curated by Nigel Osborne. Amongst a programme including a New York jazz flautist, a French punk guitarist, a Chilean political songwriter and a Japanese ultra-modernist, Vroni's piece looking for something that isn't there was performed by the Edinburgh String Quartet, Neyire Ashworth on bass clarinet and Kirsteen Davidson Kelly on piano.
[Technical Rehearsal of String Theories - photo: Holzmann]

listen to the BBC podcast of the String Theories Concert - listen now

new piano recordings

A piano album Vroni is working on will come out at the end of the year. For the moment she has recorded her newest material as an EP which is available * for free * here, just get in touch with Vroni and she will send you a copy. The sheet music for these pieces has also found a publisher, this will be published in the new year.
[Vroni for Wandelung - photo: GSFP]

listen to 'Zwei Welten'

Noisy Nights at the Traverse Bar

A piece for viola, horn and trumpet titled 'Mary dancing' was performed in Edinburgh's Traverse Bar on October 12th by the Red Note Ensemble. It had been written especially for the night and this might well have been its sole performance for ever. Vroni is still trying to get her hands on a recording of this but try the link below for this uniquie experience. The night was also flavoured by a composition by Derek Ball which had three different time signatures at the same time which the audience was dancing to. Whether the dancing was gracefull or not will be up to the composer to decide as it was all his idea.
[Noisy Nights - photo: Holzmann]

listen to 'Mary dancing' one day

Treasure Hunt Movie

A film about a day in the Royal Museum has been completed and entered into international film festivals. A little girl (Sophie O'Riordan-Holzmann) bounces around the museum on a Treasure Hunt from the Art Cart. She doesn't always find all the right answers but has huge amounts of fun and makes most of the vast space on her quest.
A piano piece and a little song were recorded for the film's sound track. Having been titled 'sausage feet' this song is bound to go far...
[Treasure Hunt - photo: film still / Grohe]

listen to 'Sausage Feet'

Stow Oktoberfest

Stow is a lovely little Borders town. This year its beer hall (especially created for the event) was pleased to see the arrival of a Bavarian Maiden for its annual Oktoberfest. Although living in Scotland for over a decade she claimed to have just arrived from Bavaria especially for the event and proceeded to sing songs about pigs, carots, ladders, beer drinking and drinking beer.
[Stow Oktoberfest - photo: Cameron Jack]

pictures of the night

Street Piano at the Festival 2009

The little street piano was seen in the Meadows and on the Royal Mile this festival. Go to the Meadows on a sunny day and you can still catch Vroni play Ragtime, Stride and Boogie Woogie in the open air.
While playing the Royal Mile this summer Vroni had an encounter which led to her receiving a little film from Traquair Festival years ago. Please watch for some out door piano fun.
[Meadows August 2009 - photo: Ana Mayor]

Traquair film clip

The Big Red Door

Bavarian Traditions were performed at the most unexpected occasion on 29th of August 09. The Big Red Door is a Festival venue that features weird and wonderful characters and circus acts during the Festival. Vroni's performance highlight was the human microphon stand and two enthusiastic Austrians who were happy to demonstrate the ancient Bavarian Tradition of 'getting up and sitting down again' although they had never done it before. The beertent transformation was perfect though and by the end everyone was yodelling...
[Tepooka Night - photo: Eric Swanepoel]

find out more about the Big Red Door and Tepooka

Concert at Saint Giles Cathedral

PIano Cycles the cross is gone and Wandelung were performed at a Concert on 28th of July 2009 at Saint Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile. These compositions have been written by Vroni between 2001 and 2009. The Piano Cycle Wandelung will build part of her Masters portfolio for Edinburgh University. This piano music is minimalistic and narrative and designed to give the listener space to reflect.
[Saint Giles Concert - photo: Eric Swanepoel]

Noisy Nights

Vroni's piece 'Abendlicher Gang' for bass clarinet, cello and double bass was performed in Edinburgh's Traverse Bar on June 8th and in Glasgow at the Arches on June 29th by the Red Note Ensemble. Noisy Nights and its Glasgow equivalent What happened are initiatives to get new music performed. All works have been selected from works composed especially for the occasion.
[What Happened #2 - photo: Holzmann]

listen to 'Abendlicher Gang' performed at the Traverse Bar

Bavarian Traditions in Leith

The Bavarian Tradition Show was performed to a full House, or rather Beer Hall, at the Out of the Blue / Drill Hall Cafe on 30th of May 2009. With the usual crew and a new Ersatz-Seppl it didn't take long for everyone to schunkel and yodel and for the beer to run out...
[Resi und Bene - photo: Eric Swanepoel]

see Bavarian Traditions in Leith

'looking for something that isnt there'

Vroni had a work for bass clarinet and piano performed as part of her Masters Degree at Edinburgh University. On March 10th, as part of a lunchtime concert at the Reid Concert Hall, Antony Clare (piano) and Sarah Watts (bass clarinet) performed 'looking for something that isnt there', a piece written by Vroni in January 09.
[Sarah Watts and Antony Clare - photo: Holzmann]

listen to 'looking for something that isn't there' - coming soon

a fishy performance

Ragtime with a fish on the double bass must be a fairly rare phenomenon. A kipper was seen to play the bass with Vroni on the piano at the Out of the Blue Drillhall Cafe's Kipper's Music Brunches 1st birthday bash on January 10th in Dalmeny Street. Underneath the mask of course is Conrad Molleson, and while he didn't smell so good he actually played very well. This is not true, he didn't smell at all and played fabulously. Despite not being able to see anything.
[Kippers 1st birthday - photo: Eric Swanepoel]

Out of the Blue Arts Centre

' Time to get your drinking pants on'
(Edinburgh Evening News)


The Bavarian Tradition Show was a success with excellent reviews and high attendance (apart from the 12 people audience one rainy Monday evening). The two Free Beer Shows were a sell out had there been tickets sold, and the Maidens and Seppls were exhausted after long nights drinking beer long after the audience had gone home. Bavarian traditions must be kept alive, and this is with and without an audience!
[Vroni at the Premiere - photo: Cameron Jack]

The Reviews

more about the shows

The Bavarian Tradition Show

The new website has been launched. It contains details of crew and performance and a lot of information about essential Bavarianisms. Please go and see this little cultural treat by using the link below. Also please delight us with your attendance and by drinking beer with us.
[Seppl beim Fensterln - photo: Vroni Holzmann]

The new Bavarian Tradition Show website

Lady Veronique at Traquair

Punters at the Family Fair at Traquair were not gonna be stopped enjoying themselves by a few drops of rain. Lady Veronique had to wait for sunshine though to take her little piano out and perform Ragtime and Boogie Woogie to a colourful audience of all ages.
[Traquair 08 - photo: Cameron Jack]

streetpiano website

more about Traquair

The Bavarian Tradition Show
Edinburgh Fringe 2008
August 11 - 16, 18 - 25
Venue: Counting House

It is an interesting fact that Scottish citizens don't know many of the beautiful Bavarian Traditions. Vroni will attempt to change this single-handedly by introducing old rituals like bringing mountain flowers to the window of your desired, and other important ancient traditions like drinking beer. See for yourself at the Counting House this summer whether Bavaria is worth a visit, and if you don't make it there yourself then this show will be the next best thing.
[Schunkeln at Neue Liebe Cabaret - photo: Eric Swanepoel]

The Bavarian Tradition Show - Free Fringe Show

Grow Slow
Sunday Herald Magazine

Vroni and Sophie have been featured in the Sunday Herald Magazine (May 10th 2008) in an article about Parenting by Vicky Allan: ' Some parents, fed up with competitive child-rearing, are looking to alternative strategies to produce balanced human beings at a gradual pace'. The article is a response to a newly published book about the pressures of parenting.
[Sophie - photo: Malcolm Cochrane]

read Grow Slow article

Mean Ronnie Woodman
and Punk Yodel Anarchy
at Neue Liebe Cabaret

On March 30th 2008 Vroni and Band played the Neue Liebe cabaret night at the Voodoo Rooms.
Mean Ronnie Woodman, as famous for his Blues and Boogie Woogie piano talents as for his grumpy attitude, was accompanied on electric guitar by Tall Andy Anaconda (of Sara and the Snakes), and the Mystery Rhythm Man who turned out to be Cammy the Man of Orkestra Del Sol ...
The big Bluesman was followed by Punk Yodel Anarchy entertaining the crowd with Bavarian Pigsong and Yodelkunst.
[Punk Yodel Anarchy - photo: Eric Swanepoel]

pictures of the night

Nikolaus visits Tollcross

On the 6th of December 2007 a very special visitor came to Tollcross. Nikolaus and his helper Krampus arrived to give presents to the children. He brought a Golden Book in which was noted how well the children had behaved over the year. Even though Krampus was a bit scary for some children, it was a happy evening, thank you Nikolaus and Krampus for visiting!
[Dec 6/07 - photo: Erin Maguire]

more photos of Nikolaus and Krampus

Outstanding Amateur Competition

in September 2007 Yamaha and The Pianist Magazine chose Vroni as one of the Semi-Finalists at their bi-annual competition to find the best amateur pianist in the country. The categories are classical and jazz, and the prizes are £10.000 towards a Yamaha piano. Vroni had entered under Jazz, and made the journey to the Milton Keynes Yamaha headquarters to play the semi-finals.
[Berlin Neukoellner Dom - photo: Christine Mueller]

Scottish Parliament Photo Competition

Two of Vroni's images were chosen to be exhibited in an exhibition at the Scottish Parliament. The exhibtion features winners of a competition to cover the Opening Ceremonies of the Third Session of the Parliament on 30th of June 2007. The greatest feat was to persuade Sophie to pose with nine axe-wielding Vikings from Shetland.
[Sophie and the Vikings - photo: Vroni Holzmann]

read article on Parliament Website

view both winning photographs


Neue Liebe in Leith

Bavarian Tradition Songs were performed as part of the Leith Festival at the Neue liebe Night in Leith, Queen Charlotte Rooms 7/6/07. When calling for volunteers it was Vroni's lucky night : there was a Bavarian maiden in the audience...!
Neue Liebe is a cabaret night with diverse performances ranging from poetry and music to the burlesque dancing of the Gipsy Charms.
[Sepplhut - photo: Peter Merridew]

view more Neue Liebe photos


Publication of Double Take Booklet

A Booklet with photography and statements from 'What is my future?', the Double Take exhibition, is now available at Word Power Books.
buy the booklet
read booklet review

What is my future? - a booklet published by BabyPhotographie
[Eve - photo: Vroni Holzmann]

online exhibition coming soon

What is my future?
Double Take exhibition opens

What is my future ? The Double Take exhibtion has now opened at the Ocean Terminal. Photographs and statements of the participants are showing for the next five weeks on the 2nd floor of the Ocean Terminal in Leith.
The exhibition will run from the 28th of January until the 4th of March 2007.
The exhibition has been mentioned in a column by Vicky Allan for the Sunday Herald Seven Days Magazine on 11/2/07.
[Sue and Danny - photo: Vroni Holzmann]

read Vicky Allan's take on impending motherhood here

Tour of Europe 2006

The Tour of Europe was a street piano adventure. In 5 and a half weeks 16 cities were covered and the piano loaded and unloaded until no-one wanted to load no more. Vroni has recovered but is still playing Susi's Diner in West Nicholson Street, the Veggie place that has the best food in town.
Her little piano is soon gonna go into winter hiding, hopefully to a charming French restaurant where she will play no french music, but yet more ragtime, once a week. Read about this tour in an article by the Sunday Herald published 29/10/06.
[Linz/Austria at the Danube - photo: Guenter Touschek]

Tour of Europe News
Tour of Europe 2006 in pictures


Double Take

A big thank you to all participators of Double Take! You and your babies were great. Vroni is now preparing the exhibition and looking into more funding to hopefully turn this project into a support programme.

Double Take is a project supporting mothers and their babies. For those who feel vulnerable after having a baby Double Take offers the opportunity to meet other mums, learn about photography and take away a portrait of their baby for free.
At the moment there are no more spaces available on this programme but hopefully it will be possible to set it up as an on-going support to new mothers.
[Mia and her mum - photo: Vroni Holzmann]

Wood Scapes

all photographs are taken around Edinburgh, at Newbattle Abbey Grounds, the Innocent Railway and the Meadows. They are meant to have a calming and relaxing effect, the way trees naturally would. The photographs have been printed onto linen in order to give them texture and allow the material its own individual structure.
The hard wood framed photographs combine photographs of maple
tree bark framed by maple wood and cherry tree branches framed by
cherry wood, the frames made by Vroni especially for this purpose.
[Wood Scapes3 - photo: Vroni Holzmann]

Wood Scapes exhibition online

Lady Veronique

Lady Veronique made her first appearance at this year's Victorian festival in Portobello, Edinburgh. She is a keen pianist although in her day it is not very proper to work in this profession. Lady Veronique has been hoping to find a rich bachelor at one of the parties she is invited to, but has not gotten lucky yet. So she will have to keep playing her ragtime piano in order to support little Miss Sophie who is very dependent on her mother's fortunes. Lady Veronique can be the life and soul of a party but in her heart she has the sadness of a bygone era gone forever.
[Lady Veronique and Miss Sophie - photo: Erin Maguire]

more photographs

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