Bavarian Beer Festival - 12 to 14 April 2013

Pictures from the Three Day Festival at the Drill Hall in Leith


Vroni und de Lausbuam - a traditional bavarian band

Getting Bavarian Hair done by Marianderl and Stefferl

Thinking of the Mountains, no doubt...

Resi und Bene get aquainted

Explaining the Bavarian Tradition of Schunkeln

...and Resi and Sepp show how it's done

Beautiful and complex Bavarian lyrics: So, there was a pig...

Bene, Vroni, Seppl and Resi say cheers !

I brought you something to remind you of the mountains...

And let me tell you the tragic story of Bene who died in the cow fertiliser Unit...

Ein Prosit ! Der Gemütlichkeit ! Oans, zwoa, gsuffa !

The ancient Bavarian tradition of Fingerhakeln

Masskrugstemmen: Hold your stein as long as you can ! Don't spill it !

Endurence, strength and beer mark the Bavarian

Lederhosen boys

Standing on chairs and clapping, another ancient Bavarian tradition

And one more time, let's drink beer together !

Vroni loves her Masskrug...

A relaxed Bavarian atmosphere on a Sunday morning

The Colouring and Drawing Competition

The Band is having fun with beers and Bavarian tunes

And Cheers !


[Photos by Anja Beisel, Eric Swanepoel, Vroni Holzmann and Jamie Craig]


A big thanks to Isi and all at the Drill Hall who made this event possible. And to Klarinetten-Muckl, Sousa-Schorsch and Quetschen-Loisl who played for beer and sausages. This time. Next time we'll be off to the Oktoberfest!

And a big round of applause to Resi who came all the way from Munich for this event, and to Bene and Sepp for their immaculate Bavarian skills on stage.

And we greatly appreciate the efforts made by punters who turned up in Bavarian dress. That's the spirit. May more beer be poured soon at Bavarian events all over Scotland!



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