Oberbayerisches Volksblatt - Das OVB Portrait


How would you explain your profession to a child?
I like to make art, with music and photographs. I like it best when people are happy, but sometimes I write sad music, too. I don't work for money but out of passion, and every project is the same important to me, wheter it is huge big massive or teeny tiny small. Art makes people happy and distracts them from Work and worries.
Which was your dream job as a 10-year old?
I always wanted to become a painter. But already when colouring in I painted over the edges out of impatience, so wasn't really suited for it.

What is your personal dream of happiness?
A house by the sea, with bay windows, good food, music and many friends who pop by. A few donkeys are standing about in the garden.

Who would you like to spend a weekend on a desert island with?
With a friend who is practically minded. She can help me build a shelter and find food. And for the evening a few bottles of wine.
Which nuisances can you get angry about?
Mostly I get angry about myself. What I also don't like is dishonesty. And stupid parking tickets.

What do the following words make you think of?

* Water and Bread
Prefer Wine and Pretzel

* Homeland
For me that is Scotland with the sea and Bavaria with the mountains

* Old and Young
Old is often overlooked and needs more integration in Germany. In Scotland you are welcome in any pub at the age of 80, I think that's great.

* Parents
Mine are great, I was very lucky.

* Success and Failure
I prefer success. Failure is boring, I know it already.

* First Love
Love is strange. The first was nice, but the last I hope will be better.

* God
I don't really believe in anything. It could be a support in difficult times, but I find the whole thing too illogical.

* Gravestone
Dying is a strange thing. But you could do it like my granny: She always thought she'd be left over one day.

* Coca Cola
I can't stand this company. Together with Mc Donald's they are world wide leading the market with unhealthy products which no-one needs.

* My House, my Car, my Yacht
My daughter, my music, my friends

* Life Motto
Hae a wee dram before ye wynd yer weary way haeme. A Scottish saying meaning: Have a small whisky before you begin the difficult journey home.

Interview: Sigrid Knothe