The Bavarian Tradition Show

11 - 16 , 18 - 25 August 2008

Venue: The Counting House

22.05 pm - 22.55 pm

free entry


From the 11th of August Vroni Holzmann and her Bavarian friends will introduce to you ancient Bavarian Traditions...

There will be Bavarian songs and Yodelkunst, drinking beer, the old tradition of Fensterln (Windowing) will be explained, a sad death will occur (within song of course, as it is not ancient Bavarian tradition to murder live on stage), Dirndls will be worn and cleavage won't be hidden.

The Show's Bavarian Boy is rumoured to be fond of swearing, so the show will be for over 18s only.

Free beer will be served at the first and last shows only. So this means free beer on the 11th of August and on the 25th of August. Put these dates in your diary now, this may be a once (well, twice) in a life time occurrence, unlike in Bavaria where it is a beautiful custom frequently experienced by grateful beer lovers.


Bavarian Traditions will get you on the edge of your seat !

". Vroni Holzmann got the entire crowd doing Bavarian folk dancing."


The Bavarian Tradition Show
Laughing Horse Free Festival
August 11 - 16, 18 - 25
Venue: The Counting House, West Nicolson Street

Tel: 0131 228 4373


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