Streetpiano Tour of Europe 2012

14 countries / 21 cities / 5500 miles


~ This Streetpiano tour included Norway and Sweden, the Baltic States, Poland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Belgium and Scotland ~



Fredrikstad, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Tour Buddy Roni in Oslo

Driving through the forest in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

On the ferry to Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia

Arrival in Riga

Riga, Latvia

Kaunas, Lithuania

Tour Buddies Micky and Mani in Kaunas

On the way to Wroclaw

Wroclaw, Poland

Crossing Lake Constance

Schaffhausen, Switzerland

The police in Schaffhausen

Tour Buddies Christiane and Fidibus

Constance, Germany

Driving through Switzerland

St Gallen, Switzerland

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Mulhouse, France

With Tour Buddy Zuecki

Driving through Bavaria

Herr Bräunlein tunes the piano

Rosenheim, Germany

On the road to Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

With Imre of Radio Tilos and Tour Buddies Nora and Joffy

Vienna, Austria

Driving through the wine region of Wachau

Krems, Austria

Arrival in Mainz on the River Rhine

Mainz, Germany

On the road to Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium

It's hard work being on tour with Dave

Arrival in Scotland

Bob tunes the piano after the long journey

Dunfermline, Scotland

With Tour Buddies Sophie and Jamie

Driving to Aberdeen

Aberdeen, Scotland

Streetpiano during the Edinburgh Festival

And Goodbye for now ...


Tour of Europe 2012

all photography by: Micky Schoell / Roni Horn / Mani Kothe / Christiane in der Schweiz /
Zuecki Zueckert / Dave Oulton / Joffy Himler / Sophie O'Riordan-Holzmann / Jamie Craig /
many thanks to all who helped make this street piano adventure happen
and in particularly all who helped load the little piano on tour


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