Bavarian Traditions in Leith


a bavarian in leith
[photo - Holzmann]


The List wrote on 25/7/09: On Saturday,  strap on your lederhosen  and prepare to repel jokes about giant sausages, as some  Bavarian Maidens  try and recreate the spirit of Oktoberfest in Leith ...

pictures from the night:

[photos - Eric Swanepole]


And on 25/7/09 the Drill Hall wrote:
This Saturday, 30th May, 7:30 to 8:30pm at the Drill Hall Arts Café,
Out of the Blue, Dalmeny Street.

Right here in the midst of your favourite café, Vroni and friends will
provide hilarious entertainment with Bavarian songs and traditions. At
what may be their only Edinburgh show this year after a successful
Fringe run in 2008, this will be the place to drink beer, sing
Bavarian songs, drink beer, learn to yodel, and drink beer. And if you
think there is not enough beer drinking, then just join us for a beer
after the show!
"Vroni Holzmann is Bavaria at its best"(The Sunday Herald 8/08).
Sauerkraut, sausage and other traditional delicacies at low cost
provided by the Drill Hall Arts Café. Soft drinks and wine also
available. Suggested donation £3.

Please come and TELL EVERYONE. This show is (really) UNMISSABLE. We
know, we've seen it.

Your yodeling Café Team




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