L'ALSACE reports

The day before yesterday in Vaduz (in Liechtenstein), yesterday in Mulhouse and tomorrow in Budapest, Vroni Holzmann travels Europe each summer to bring art, and particularly music, closer to people, without stage nor tickets to buy.
It's nearly by chance she had chosen to put her wooden piano on the Reunion's Place, in front of Saint-Etienne Temple's steps in Mulhouse, yesterday afternoon for a few notes of boogie, ragtime and film's music. From Girl of my dreams to The Pink Panther via Take Five, she offered a few minutes of pleasure for our eyes and our ears. An unexpected and improvised sharing moment which delighted passers.
"Tonight (last night), we slept at friends in Colmar, Mulhouse was on our way. Then we go to Budapest",  she said.

"Street piano" is the name of the artistic project this German composer (and songwritter) has performed for 12 years in Scotland where she lives. Oslo, Cork, Vienna, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and a lot of others towns... Each town where she has played is noted on her instrument. "I choose towns by chance, according the weather or because I want to discover them, but mainly to observe peoples' reactions", she explained.

With a friend, Manuela Zückert who works on a photo and video blog, she travels in a minivan and transports her piano on a trolley with the help of passers-by.

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