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Upcoming Performances & Exhibitions

300 Years of Meadows at Whitespace Gallery

The Edinburgh Meadows are 300 years old this year! We are celebrating this with another photographic and informative exhibition.

20/12 - 23/12/2022 - free entry

300 Years of Meadows on VisitScotland

Vroni's Bavarian Show at Stow Bierfest

Bringing my Bavarian nonsense to the Scottish Borders 🍺🙂

26/11/2022 - tickets will go on sale soon

Vroni's Bavarian Show at Pittoberfest

It's the last weekend of the Oktoberfest! More Bavarian nonsense will be happening at the Pitt Street Market beer hall. With Joey on the bass and seppling 🍻

1/10/2022 at 20.00 - free entry

Vroni and Joey's Piano & Jellobass Duo at the Half Moon Medicine Showcase

So it appears that we're gonna play a few tunes at the Jazzbar on Friday - swing by about 6pm for this little gig

30/9/2022 at 18.15 - £6/£5

Vroni's Bavarian Show at Pittoberfest

Oktoberfest Time! Come along to the Bavarian Show at Pitt Street Market in Leith tomorrow at 8pm. My Seppl will be Joey and we can all drink beer together 🍻😀

24/9/2022 at 20.00 - free entry

Piano in the Park and Bavarian Nonsense at Vogrie Pogrie

So, Vogrie Pogrie. This weekend my Bavarian beer show shall help folk enjoy their beers at the Vogrie Pogrie Festival near Edinburgh. It's free! And I am also hoping to get out my little streetpiano for some ragtime. Join me if you can, we will be delighted to see you there 😀

17-18/9/2022 - free entry

300 Years of Meadows Exhibition Event

We are hoping to have the lovely Graeme Cruickshank hold a talk about 300-year old wooden waterpipes at 3pm.
Happy Birthday Meadows and hope to see you there 🙂

4/9/2022 - free entry

Bavarian Nonsense at the Blundabus Grande Finale

Come to the Bavarian Show at the Blundabus Grand Finale on Sunday 28th of August at midnight. That's past your bedtime? Nein, das geht nicht! Das ist die letzte Nacht vom Festival, da muss man aufbleiben! 😀

28/8/2022 at 00.00 - free entry

300 Years of Meadows

I found out that the Edinburgh Meadows are 300 years old this year and thought I'd raise awarenes of this important anniversary with a photographic and informative exhibition.

26/8 - 4/9/2022 - free entry

New releases 2022


A series of releases timed for the lovely Schnapszahl of the year 2022



Alpenlicht Single

Video of Alpenlicht by Vroni Holzmann and Bergmanderl image by Gebhard Holzmann


Sophie's Songbook

Sophie's Songbook Score


Arthur's Seat through the Seasons

Video of Arthur's Seat images accompanied by Wandelung music


Arthur's Seat Book

Arthur's Seat Hardback Book


Arthur's Seat Softback

Video of Arthur's Seat images accompanied by Forever Spirit music


Meadow Walk Song

Release of Meadow Walk on Bandcamp


Four Bar Blues Song

Release of Four Bar Blues on Bandcamp


Sophie Song

Release of Sophie on Bandcamp


300 Years of Meadows Exhibition Postcards

Buy postcards by donating a cup of tea

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