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A collection of fun and entertainment. I'm a total fan of Saturday Night Live so would like to send you to youtube for some great comedy. Also love Ryan George so will include some of his stuff. Then, why not, some links to artists I know and like. What do I mean by knowing them? Well, it can either mean I had pasta and sauce and too much wine with them or that I came across them on twitter and thought they were funky. Yup, that's what's up.

Saturday Night Live



Climate Change

28 Reasons

Russian Brides

Gemma & Ricky

Thank You, Scott

Ryan George


The First Guy To Ever Take A Vacation

The First Guy To Ever Kidnap Someone

Great Music


Mystic Revelation by Delroy Washington (RIP Covid-19)

Soul Makossa by Manu Dibango (RIP Covid-19)

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