My poem Lockdown Days has been chosen from many submissions for publication in The Perch, a literary journal produced by the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health. I feel so totally honoured.

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25 February 2021



Rosenheim newspaper ECHO featured my Empty Edinburgh calendars and an interview about the inspirations for the photographic works. Its a brilliant article. I was very happy about this collaboration with my old school pal Nussi. He is the editor of the Echo and decided that Rosenheim had to find out more about what's happening in Scotland. I fully agree that Bavarians should kept be informed about this and it is mentioned in the article that I think that frankly more people should move up to Scotland.

Echo article about Empty Edinburgh from 2 Dec 2020

2 December 2020



This year's calendar is made up of images from the Pandemic Exhibition. Its a reminder of just how surreal and empty the Scottish Capital was, and also how beautiful this city is. I created the images in black and white so they come across even more timeless. The first print run of these sold out in five days and I had to get more manufactured. That was really nice.

Buy the Empty Edinburgh Calendar 2021

30 November 2020



To try and depict the atmosphere during lockdown I made a video of empty Edinburgh images and added dark music that gives a kind of walking rhythm. The music is the piano piece Dream Tree in Darkness from the album Dream Tree. It adds a dramatic soundtrack to what was undoubtedly a very difficult time in the life of this city.

Walk through lockdown Edinburgh on youtube

13 November 2020



Today is the Edinburgh Big Beach Busk, hurray. Oh wait, we can't busk this year because a virus has come between us. So we can't all meet in Portobello and squeak our fiddles or tinker our pianos. We'll have to be patient and wait for next year.

I would like to take this opportunity and deliver a massive big thank you to Paul for running the Big Beach busk all this time. I have never seen a more beautiful and genuine busking event anywhere. Street Festivals with their assigned slots are no match. The Festival up in town with its commercialism and lack of opportunity for the slightly disorganised cannot compare. A willingness to give everyone a chance and the whole friendliness of the event has made me look forward every year, whether I could play or not.

Paul, you are the maker of something very special. I know you wouldn’t want to let this stand and would say, it’s not me, it’s you guys, everyone is part of this success. Modesty is just another one of your amazing qualities. I am not the type to play serenades online, and by coincidence I’m not even in Scotland just now, so I couldn’t really come up with any other way to support the event on this day but to point at the organiser and say:

Hats off and thank you 🙂


Edinburgh Big Beach Busk - busk from home on 29/8/2020

29 August 2020



I have published another song from my ancient and eccentric playlist. 32 going on 13 is a rockin number with an attitude. The angry drum beat is provided by the genius AC/DC singer Bobo Carrington. When Bobo passed away suddenly last year this song suddenly got a whole other meaning for me. It had all the anger in it that I felt about this unjust fate suffered by the best and most genuine artist I ever knew. RIP Bobo rock your drums in heaven.

32 going on 13 on youtube

8 August 2020




This is another interesting submission. An attempt to describe what went on in our house during lockdown (not very much) was handed in for consideration to The Perch editors. The poem is titled Lockdown Days and will be published either in the publication or at a later date on my site. This is if they reject me which they will/won't, depending on whether I am feeling optimistic or pessimistic. Today is Tuesday so I feel inbetween.

The Perch - A Literary Journal produced by Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health

4 August 2020



I have just handed in a submission to a very quirky project. The premise is to find drafts of unfinished novels and get those published in a book. The submissions are allowed to be 500 words long. This will make for very interesting literature as a novel is usually in the region of 50,000 words.

I love the fact that there is no limit on when these drafts were written or what they are about. All that's required is that that they have been abandoned and that the author really wants to have a novel at the end of it. Unloved half-baked novels are probably lingering in thousands of drawers around the world, and to coax some of them out into the sunlight is a great idea!

My abandoned novel is called 'When I was tiny', although that's a working title for the jumble of words I found sitting in those old and dusty folders on my computer. I am now crossing my fingers that the editors will find them worthy : )

Half Baked Novels

1 July 2020



I just found out that the Big Issue is struggling to survive. The Big Issue has been helping homeless and vulnerable people for the last 30 years, and the corona crisis is posing a real threat to this wonderful organisation. If you have a spare penny in your pocket then donate where it really matters and help those survive who make up the most vulnerable part of our society.

The Big Issue had to merge its five regional magazines into one and sell it in shops. Vendors were taken off the streets as they were extremely vulnerable to the virus and are housed in temporary places. The Big Issue makes sure they are cared for and needs to be able to continue this fight for those affected badly by this crisis.

Help by subscribing to the Big Issue Foundation

4 June 2020



My poem 'Dream of the Dead' got entered into the Bridport Poetry Prize competition. Whilst its marinating in their sauce of judgement and misunderstood observation I can't actually publish it myself. I know, so sad. When September comes and they announce the winner (I expect the usual rejection, you can't just hand something in once a year and win it) I will be able to put this poem on my poetry page. I am so looking forward to this. Even though it's a sad poem. Aren't they all, actually?

Bridport Poetry Prize

1 June 2020



This is a new initiative to support victims of the corona crisis. This is all of us. Art is less accessible at this time, and can be very soothing, so my idea was to send art to those who can benefit from it. There are a thousand reasons why one might be feeling low right now, illness, grief, financial worries, social isolation and many more. I can send a photograph, music CD or a card with a nice message. Trostpflaster is German for small consolation, and this is simply to bring a calm and friendly message that no-one is alone and no-one is forgotten.

Trostpflaster - the Free Arts Initiative

Support the Free Arts Initiative on GoFundMe.

22 May 2020




If you are recovering from Covid-19 or any other stress on your system you may find this NHS Free Music Service helpful for your recovery. Find it at or go directly to the playlist at


This support project has been created by Professor Nigel Osborne and colleagues and I am honoured that my music was chosen to be included. If you would like to find out more there is information on the composition page.

13 May 2020





An album that was a long time in the making, Glow on the Horizon is now available to buy on this site. I worked with two amazing artists to create this stunning album. As part of a collaboration Karl Sylvester painted the oil painting you can see on the cover. And Kirsteen Davidson Kelly brought her elegant and contemplative piano playing to a recording which radiates calmness and the perfect emotional energy. For the optimal sound we managed to hire the Reid Concert Hall with its amazing Steinway concert grand.


Buy Glow on the Horizon


30 April 2020






When I saw the city slowly emptying out and turning into a ghost town with no cars and very few people out and about I wanted to take a snapshot of this strange time. This exhibition is exclusive to my website.


Pandemic Exhibition.


14 April 2020






I am delighted to have my music chosen vor a very special programme which is being developed by Professor Nigel Osborne and his colleagues. Their aim is to use INRM (Innate Neurophysiological Response to Music) to help patients recover after illness. INRM is the science of a subconscious response to music*, and if applied in a focussed way, can help quicken a recovery. Of course, the aim right now is to help Covid-19 patients, who often have been through hellish experiences. We want to help this very special community on their road to recovery : )


* Please note that I am not a medical science academic, therefore my explanations don’t adhere to those standards. I am merely trying to explain this in simple terms which even an avocado could understand, should she wish to.

9 April 2020





With a smile and a wave I'd like to welcome you to my site : )


So, what's to say? This site has been in the making for 500 years. Yes, it's true. At least it feels that way, aber hallo! That's German for 'you bet!', just less elegant and more punchy.


So, I spent 500 years making music and photos and songs and salad. And all those elements I have now collected for you. Except for the salad, I ate that. All the other things I've displayed across the pages in front of you and you can look at them and then go back to picking your nose.


You will find classical compositions, happy rock songs, landscape photography, portrait photography and all sorts of assorted art projects. You will find new things and old things and some things I'm still working on. It's an eclectic mix or a chaotic shambles, whichever you choose to believe in.


I wish you much fun browsing and also a very nice day. Goodbye wave.

4 April 2020