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Glow on the Horizon

Audio CD / Duration 65 minutes


Glow on the Horizon is the new piano album by Vroni Holzmann. The recording was performed by Kirsteen Davidson Kelly on a beautiful Steinway concert grand piano at the Reid Concert Hall in Edinburgh.


The painting on the front cover is by Karl Sylvester and stems from a collaboration with the artist. It depicts the Salisbury Crags, imposing cliffs next to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.


Vroni Holzmann’s music is in the style of narrative post-minimalism and has been described as ‘emotive, mesmerising and meditative’.


“Evocative droplets of magic, fittingly grouped under the title, 'Glow on the Horizon'. A joy to play, and to listen to” (Derek Williams)


Published by Synchronysounds on 22/2/2020


Glow on the Horizon - CD

SKU: 194171754104
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