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TincaT are Vroni Holzmann, Maggie Wilson & Bobo Carrington


Activities around this band have been sketchy over the years. Everybody was busy with mostly other stuff. But the biggest blow came when Bobo, best drummer and AC/DC singer in the world, went away. We miss you. Your drumming lives on.

Artists who have performed or recorded with TincaT: George Stott, Riley Briggs, Ken McIntosh, Ian Stoddart (RIP), Joffy Himmler (Petrolsong & other recordings), Ben Seal (van door & other recordings), Jürgen (recordings) & Erwein (Gitarrenwichser par excellence). This list aint complete cause I'm still trying to remember.

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The Petrolsong on youtube


A video with appearances by Vroni and Maggie,

plus a bunch of happy Edinburghers

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Four Bar Blues

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Spotify / Youtube

32 going on 13

Spotify / Youtube