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The Band

Tincat at Vettern gig - band photo pop.j

There are three permanent members of TincaT:

Vroni Holzmann

Maggie Wilson

Bobo Carrington


Activities around this band have been sketchy over the years to say the least. Everybody was busy I guess. But the biggest blow came last year. RIP Bobo, best drummer and AC/DC singer in the world, we miss you. Your drumming lives on.



The following artists have performed or recorded with TincaT at one point or another:

Erwein (Gitarrenwichser par excellence)

George Stott

Riley Briggs

Ken McIntosh

Ian Stoddart (RIP)

Joffy Himmler (Petrolsong and other recordings)

Ben Seal (van door and other recordings)

Jürgen (recordings)

This list aint complete cause I'm still trying to remember.

Vroni and Maggie are in the Petrolsong video:

The Petrolsong on youtube

All TincaT songs on Spotify

TincaT is also available in all the other usual outlets

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