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Salisbury Crags

Salisbury Crags

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Meadows Exhibition Dec 2022 - 1 - web.jpg

From Loch to Park

A green space in the centre of the Scottish Capital is celebrating its 300 year anniversary

During a visit of the illustration degree show at the Edinburgh College of Art I chanced upon a little book about the Meadows by Marc Gosteli. I learnt that the loch that covered that whole area was drained in 1722. It took longer than that of course but 1722 was a significant year when Sir Thomas Hope turned the marshy land into ‘The Meadows or Hope Park’.

I realised that this is exactly 300 years ago and decided to celebrate this special anniversary with an exhibition. The photographs aim to show the beauty of this park and with some added history I hope that everyone can learn more about this lovely big green space right in the middle of Edinburgh.

What makes the Meadows so important? It is the fact that all are welcome to use it. Young and old, rich and poor, it doesn’t matter when it comes to enjoying a day in the park. I have loved the Meadows ever since I came to Edinburgh in the 90s. Sports, parties, music, walks and chats. Sunshine, fog, wind and rain. The seasons with their long and short days. Walks home in the early hours after a big night out.

I hope everybody will join me in the celebration of this beautiful nature spot which is completely free and equal in its use for all.

Meadows Exhibition Dec 2022 - 2 - web.jpg
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