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Joey and his wonderful unique instrument, the jellobass, have become part of my diverse performances. He joins me and my streetpiano when we play ragtime at festivals and is a great Seppl in Lederhosen for the Bavarian Show. As a superb bassist and allround fantastic artist wearing many hats he enriches my musical world by miles.

Pittoberfest 2 - web.jpg

Vroni Holzmann & Joey Sanderson



Kirsteen is the pianist on Dream Tree and Glow on the Horizon. She has also been the performing artist for several concerts of my music in Edinburgh, Moffat and Rosenheim, Germany.


We remember warmly our concerts at the Edinburgh Society of Musicians, where artists get such a lovely welcome. Another favourite was the house concert in Moffat. A beautiful atmosphere and great feedback with a glass of wine after the event. Another mention is reserved for the amazing concert at the Hans-Schuster-Haus, a place with what Kirsteen considers 'the best grandpiano I ever played'. Thomas looked after us in such a lovely manner and it had a great turnout.

Kirsteen plays piano - web.jpg

Kirsteen Davidson Kelly


Karl's paintings are on the cover of Wandelung and Glow on the Horizon. His beautiful oil paintings were created in collaboration with my music.

We travelled through Scotland for what was then known as the 'Reminiscence' collaboration. Reminiscence is a waltz I wrote early on, and Karl listened to this and other piano works of mine while painting. We visited the amazing standing stones of Machrie Moor on Arran and the shores of Loch Loch Lomond. Here we found an amazing tree, the Loch Lomond Beech, which Karl painted and I did my best to depict musically. But it was Karl's paintings of Arthur's Seat which eventually gave the piano cycle the title 'Glow on the Horizon'.


Karl painting Loch Lomond - web.jpg

Karl Sylvester




Roni's painting features on the cover of the Dream Tree piano album. For the Dream Tree piano cycle collaboration we travelled through Sweden where Roni resides. This makes our collaboration somewhat tricky, but we manage to keep it going by phone and email.

Our new collaboration has seen us travel to the Bavarian Alps twice to find inspirations in nature and mountains, and several new paintings and piano works have been created since. This piano cycle is still in the making and is at this point titled 'Zauberwald' (magic forest).

We are also collaborating on the mountain photographs my father took in the 50s. These powerful images of glaciers and other Alpine nature mountain scapes are inspiration for my some of my most recent works and will be exhibited alongside their future performances.

Roni portrait bw - web.jpg

Roni Horn



During my music studies in 2009 Professor Nigel Osborne gave me and my fellow students the opportunity to have our music performed at a prestigious concert in London, which was fully broadcast by the BBC.

At the moment our work together is for the NHS Recovery College, where scientific music research and its application are used to help patients recover from illness.

Nigel conducting - web.jpg

Nigel Osborne



Vicky is a senior feature writer at the Herald. For many years she has supported my art by mentioning me in her columns and articles. We totally love working together and last year we grabbed the opportunity to create an article about my streetpiano. It eventually featured in the Edinburgh Reporter. I was also honoured to write for her book, Tree Stories.

Vicky Allan

Vicky bw 2 - web.jpg



We use short clips of music and nature to provide glimpses of relaxation in people's busy lives. Astrid takes her beautiful nature captures in the big parks around London, and I find the most uplifting or calming scenes and overlay them with my reflective music for that extremely soothing effect.

Astrid's work has been a gift to all who come across it as a constant reminder of nature's incredible powers to help us reflect and relax.

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