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TincaT ca 2004 - Vroni Holzmann, Maggie Wilson, Bobo Carrington and Erwein


Activities around this band have been sketchy over the years. Everybody was busy with mostly other stuff. But the biggest blow came when Bobo, best drummer and AC/DC singer in the world, went away. We miss you. Your music lives on.

Artists who have performed or recorded with TincaT: George Stott, Riley Briggs, Ken McIntosh, Ian Stoddart (RIP), Joffy Himmler (petrolsong & other recordings), Ben Seal (van door & other recordings), Jürgen (recordings) & Erwein (Gitarrenwichser par excellence). This list aint complete because my brain is a Nudelsieb.

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The Petrolsong on youtube


A video with appearances by Vroni and Maggie,

plus a bunch of happy Edinburghers

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Four Bar Blues

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Spotify / Youtube

32 going on 13

Spotify / Youtube