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Tobermory 2019

About Vroni

Let's start with the music. I started playing the piano at eight years old after begging my mum to let me play this lovely instrument instead of the pesky violin. At last she gave in and I excelled in hammering out my favourite classical pieces and ragtime alike, much to the terror of my amazing piano teacher Eberhard Wetzel.

Other instruments I learned at one point or another were (the screechy) violin, the trumpet, the guitar, the accordion and the vocal chords. These are mainly used for silly songs about cars and walks in the park.

Another thing I've done all my life was to take photos of everything and anything, people, animals, nature. As long as it wasn't boring stuff like architecture. Sorry, being mean to buildings isn't really called for here. I used to arrange my many guinea pigs in rows and stacks in order to get that perfect shot. I was about ten years old. It never quite stopped.

So I studied photography at Napier University. It was fun. I even switched to film studies in my last year, so I could make a documentary about my favourite pub, the Royal Oak. To this day I look for projects that take me to the pub. Any excuse : )

Vroni Holzmann

BA (Hons) - Photography, Film & TV      Napier University, Edinburgh

MMus - Composition

Edinburgh University, Edinburgh


Glow on the Horizon                   
Edinburgh Society of Musicians, Edinburgh 

28 JANUARY 2017

Hans-Schuster-Haus, Rosenheim, Germany 

15 OCTOBER 2016


Loch Lomond Beech

The Daffodil Perspective, London 

3 JANUARY 2020

Dream Tree Piano Cycle                   
International Alliance of Women in Music, Virginia, USA 

20 JULY 2016


Die spinnen, die Briten!                      
Verein für bodenständige Kultur, Rosenheim, Germany

24 MAY - 10 SEPTEMBER 2019

Verein für bodenständige Kultur, Rosenheim, Germany

20 OCTOBER 2016 - 30 JANUARY 2017


Lockdown Days                 
The Perch
, Yale University Journal,

Connecticut, USA

18 NOVEMBER 2021

Thyroid Story                   
Fahmidan Journal

London, UK

13 September 2021


Academic Decathlon - Debate Prize *


Outstanding Amateur - Semi Finalist *


* Weird awards, right? 🙂

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