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Welcome to my little shop : )

My new book
Coffee table cartoon book - VruVrus World hardback - new.jpg

New hardback version of VruVru's World

VruVru's World is the first comprehensive cartoon book populated by VruVru and her friends. With Q&A at the end : )

Buy it here

Get VruVru's World Hardback

£17 + P&P

Vroni's music for download

Streetpiano Boogie front cove - hq - fixed.jpg
Streetpiano Ragtime front cover - hq.jpg
Glow - front cover.jpg
Dream Tree Album Cover - square 100 dpi.jpg

About my little shop

You can buy my classical albums, music scores, digital photographs, calendars, poetry and cartoons here. If you can't find an item or it is out of stock please email me at and I will find a way to get it to you. Photographic images from my site can be bought in print quality, email me with your desired image and I will email it to you in high print quality for £3 per image.

Through I have found a way to sell digital downloads of my albums. Please go to to purchase these after listening to samples or use the links on this page. Hope you'll enjoy listening x

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