This is where you find out who you really are

There is no single reason for me to make a quiz and certainly even less so for you to go and take it. If you want to find out who you are you must go and see a psychotherapist or a mystic witch. Alternatively you can go deep inside yourself and have a look around. I wouldn't actually recommend it. You will see stuff that will baffle you and stuff you dont like. Better to stay on the surface and worry about where the next beer comes from. Hurray. Segue. And off you go, take this quiz and find out what drink you really are. Once you found out you will be happy and content. It's that easy.  Wishing you much luck.

What kind of drink are you?

Make sure to be honest when answering this quiz. The gods of schnapps and wine shall otherwise drag you to their dungeons!


VruVru's Quiz


Disclaimer: If you get drunk tonight I will take no responsibility for any of those naughty things you'll get up to. Text them all in the middle of the night. Fall over and crawl the rest of the way. Sneak behind a bush and make love to your best friend's wife's mother. That's if she'll have you. Have all the fun in the world, but don't come running crying to me. My quiz will only give you ideas. It's up to you how you use them.