Do you feel down about the lockdown?

If you are struggling this free arts initiative will send out a calming piece of art to you.


If you feel low, isolated or that you are not coping well with recent events let me know and I’ll send you a Trostpflaster (German for a little consolation). It can be in the form of a card, a music CD or a landscape photograph.


Please send me information why you feel low, and which kind of little consolation you would like to receive. If you are a carer and would like to write to me for someone else just explain the situation.


If you have lost someone recently I am happy to light a candle for them.

For my card message you can let me know if you are hoping to have a quiet, a productive or a creative time.


Eligibility: This is for everyone, there are no rules to exclude anyone.


A metaphor for this project:

​Let’s say you’re sitting in a hole.

I can’t get you out of that hole but I can let the sun shine in.




A little bit about my background

I am a composer and visual artist. One of my projects has been to take a piano out to city centres and parks and busk with it. This provides free street entertainment to random audiences.


This summer the whole world got a virus. Because of this I may not be able to perform my piano this summer and so I have tried to come up with an alternative to give free music or other artistic greetings to anyone who may be interested in this.

The art chosen for this project

Classical piano music CDs - composed by me, performed by me or concert pianist Kirsteen Davidson Kelly - calming and relaxing music.

Landscape photographs - you can see some of them on the landscapes page - photographs of nature, the sea, forests and mountains.

Simply a card - cards made by artists with calming motives.


The reason I came up with this idea

I think that art should be accessable.

I have always had the opinion that art should be free and easy to access. This does not mean that art can’t also be used commercially, or that sometimes tickets aren’t a valid way of creating an income for artists. But there has to be other ways to access art and culture, too.

There has to be art you encounter randomly and without expense.


Right now, art galleries are shut. Buskers are encouraged to stay at home. So I would like to send an artistic message directly to your home.


Write to me at

If you are able, donate at - GoFundMe

Find this initiative on social media - Twitter / Instagram / Facebook




* Terms and Conditions : )

There is no catch, you don't have to sign up for anything or purchase anything.

There is no rush to apply, I will run this project until the end of June and will hopefully extend it then, depending on funding.

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