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One of my main interests in music is classical composition. In 2009 I studied for a classical composition master at Edinburgh University. I was lucky enough to study with Professor Nigel Osborne and shortly after had enough material to publish my first album 'Wandelung'

My latest publication is the classical piano album 'Glow on the Horizon' which is available on this site, on spotify and for download at all the usual outlets.

Glow on the Horizon - front cover for Cd

Glow on the Horizon

Published February 2020



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For more information about my classical music visit my publisher Synchrony Sounds


My music has been chosen for a very special project. Nigel Osborne and his colleagues from X-Music have been scientifically designing ways to help patients recover from illness with music.


I love playing ragtime and stride, preferrably performed to random crowds in a pedestrian zone with my acoustic streetpiano. Strangest thing that ever happened to me? I would say up there with the top moments is meeting the mayor of Brussels. However, he didn't invite me in for a cup of tea. He told me to take my piano away from the town square as nobody is allowed to set up there. I guess we shouldn't have ignored the traffic cones when driving in. He was very friendly : )


More songs will be published soon. Whilst I am  rummaging around my backlog of songs you can visit youtube to see the old orange van travel around on its way to the little town of Rock. An actually existing place in Scotland, I'll have you know.

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