VruVru's Radical Rants


This little book is full of rants. You say, why she so angry? I say, what's there not to be angry about?

Point in case, the mass production of meat. Also, why do people lie to their children? Etc.

Available at Lighthouse Bookshop

43-45 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9DB, Scotland

Topics also mentioned in the book: dating without computers, honesty is underrated, pacifism isn’t a vague notion, small screens ruin conversations, childrearing means persistence and honesty, giving organs away is the easiest way to do good things, after Brexit and before Independence & then there's a quirky Q & A with VruVru.


‘Vruvru claims she likes to choose locations where listeners can’t escape her rants – like slow-moving supermarket queues. In fact her comical and comforting pamphlet is just what you need when you’re stuck in one of them, and in need of a chuckle. Pull her out your back pocket – not your smartphone, which, in any case you’ll have dispensed with on reading her. I laughed, I smiled, I felt strangely better about this baffling world of Brexit, referendums, social media, ethical dilemmas and parenting issues. Rant on, Vruvru.’ (Vicky Allan, journalist, 2016)

Lighthouse Bookshop Website

The book is not on there for order as far I'm aware but you can find lots of lovely books there. I will make the book available on my site soon in case you are not in Edinburgh. (Why are you not in Edinburgh? It's lovely here.)

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