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VruVru's World

This little cartoon book is now available

Buy VruVru's World

VruVrus World - Front Cover.jpg

VruVru's World is the first comprehensive cartoon book populated by VruVru and her friends.

With Q&A at the end : )

VruVru's Radical Rants

VruVrus Radical Rants - black frame.jpg

A wee review:

‘Vruvru claims she likes to choose locations where listeners can’t escape her rants – like slow-moving supermarket queues. In fact her comical and comforting pamphlet is just what you need when you’re stuck in one of them, and in need of a chuckle. Pull her out your back pocket – not your smartphone, which, in any case you’ll have dispensed with on reading her. I laughed, I smiled, I felt strangely better about this baffling world of Brexit, referendums, social media, ethical dilemmas and parenting issues. Rant on, Vruvru.’

(Vicky Allan, Senior Journalist, Sunday Herald)


If you would like to buy a copy of this book write to me at and I'll organise one for you : )

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