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The Salisbury Crags


Edinburgh is my home town

Above you can see the beautiful Salisbury Crags which overlook Edinburgh. This city is simply a dream to live in. When you walk around it you think you've landed in a fairy tale. The buildings are just gorgeous and there is lots of green, too. And there are pubs on most corners which is important for a pub lover like me.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland since the 15th century. It has the largest arts festival in the world, which runs concurrently with a bunch of other festivals. It attracts 3 million visitors each year with tens of thousands of performances in the space of a few weeks, which is just mental when you think about it.
Edinburgh is the seat of the Scottish Parliament which was opened in 1999, and guess who was at the opening? Yup, thats right, me. Turns out it was a great thing, more devolution from London. In case you wonder, yes, I'm very much into that, I think we can totally handle our own affairs, and I would love Scotland to become independent from the UK. The party to celebrate this will be amazing. I fuckin love parties. I
would also love the chance to get Trident well away from my house. A little accident in a Scottish loch with a bunch of nuclear submarines would definitely annihilate my little house in Tollcross, and I'm very much not into that.

What else can I tell you about Edinburgh? About half a million people live in this lovely city, including this wacky Bavarian ambassador, who has been here for about 25 years. But the Salisbury Crags seen above are about 350 million years old, and that makes me feel a little less ancient. And now, off to Sandy Bells for a drink and some lovely music.

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