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When I discovered Astrid's videos on twitter I was entranced. Her work has a subtle beauty which makes it so different from other nature captures. Astrid clearly loves her subject, and she'll get up very early in the morning to record sunrises, swans, deer and sometimes just a tree standing next to a river. But there is always something within the footage that brings the viewer profound happiness.

Having consistently captured such natural beauty in the big wildlife parks around London has ensured her a huge following and she is beloved around the world.

When I approached Astrid to overlay my music onto her beautiful wildlife and nature recordings I was hoping to add a kind of different magic to it. I was very lucky that she didn't mind me doing this, and it might have just kept me sane during the lockdown, having been able to work on such calming and relaxing videos. Astrid also taught me how wonderful it is to be kind to those who comment on your work on twitter. The positivity she brings to this platform makes up for some of the more controversial uses of twitter. Lets be honest, some folk are only there to argue. But they stop all that when they come across a swan spreading its beautiful wings or a stag sitting around chewing on grass. 

Another thing I'd like to mention is that every day when I do my little stretch in the morning I put on one of Astrid's videos. This way I have the most calming sounds of nature and can see scenes of wildlife simply going about its business. This always seems so extremely appropriate to me when trying to relax the body with some yoga-like exercises.

I am Astrid's biggest fan. However, many would say this, so all I can say then is that she does a phenomenal service to mankind and brings joy to people's lives every day by appreciating nature and wildlife. When we don't have time to go to the forest, she will bring the forest to us.

Astrid on Twitter - @Astrid_Tontson & Instagram - @12mm_view

Red Deer with Fawn and Petito / Video: Red Deer with Fawn by Astrid Tontson / Music: Petito by Vroni Holzmann from the album Wandelung / Pianist: Vroni Holzmann

Three Little Owlets and Breeze / Video: Three Little Owlets by Astrid Tontson / Music: Breeze by Vroni Holzmann from the album Glow on the Horizon / Pianist: Kirsteen Davidson Kelly

Peaceful Start to Sunday Morning and Grandfathers Song / Video: Peaceful Start to Sunday Morning by Astrid Tontson / Music: Grandfathers Song by Vroni Holzmann from the album Dream Tree / Pianist: Kirsteen Davidson Kelly

April Morning and Forever Spirit / Video: April Morning by Astrid Tontson / Music: Forever Spirit by Vroni Holzmann from the album Dream Tree / Pianist: Kirsteen Davidson Kelly

October Sunrise and Zwei Welten / Video: October Sunrise by Astrid Tontson / Music: Zwei Welten by Vroni Holzmann from the album Wandelung / Pianist: Vroni Holzmann

More videos of wildlife and piano music - Astrid & Vroni on youtube

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