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Bavarian Songs, Traditions and Fun

Birthday Bayern Show - web.jpg

Let me take you to Bavaria by playing Bavarian songs and translating them for you, then we'll proceed to learn some Bavarian Oktoberfest traditions, including Schunkeln, standing on charis and clapping and the ancient tradition of getting up and sitting down again.

After all these activities you will be thirsty, so I'll teach you to drink beer the Bavarian way, poured in massive measures and with the Ein Prosit song, the most famous beer drinking song around the world. You'll have as great a time as any Bavarian in a beer tent somewhere in Bavaria. Prost!

Mr and Mrs Wednesday Night - web.jpg

With Mr and Mrs Wednesday Night at Bob's Blundabus

Bavarian Grand Finale at Blundabus - web.jpg

With Bob, Ruth, Joey and Angel as my Seppl, Resi, Seppl and Seppl

Bayern Show 20 aug 2022 3 cr best - web - b - used.jpg

With my Seppl Bob, who is confused as to why he is on that chair

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