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Pianist Kirsteen Davidson Kelly performed my newly published third album Glow on the Horizon on a powerful Steinway concert grandpiano in Edinburgh's Reid Concert Hall. The music is connected to Scottish landscape paintings by Karl Sylvester. We travelled to Loch Lomond, the Isle of Arran and also visited Edinburgh’s own beautiful mountain, Arthur’s Seat. The album is relaxing and contemplative, conjuring images of calming landscapes.


'Evocative droplets of magic, fittingly grouped under the title, ‘Glow on the Horizon’. A joy to play, and to listen to.' Derek Williams (Composer)

Glow on the Horizon - front cover - web.
Glow on the Horizon - back cover - web.j

Available at the shop / Listen on spotify


Dream Tree is my second piano album, a collaboration with Roni Horn. Performed by Kirsteen Davidson Kelly, it was recorded on a beautiful Steinway concert grand piano at the Reid Concert Hall in Edinburgh. The painting on the front cover is by Roni Horn. For this collaboration we travelled to the South of Sweden to photograph and paint inspirational landscapes. This album is calm, emotional and soothing.


"emotive, inspirational music" (Alexander Bryce)

Dream Tree - front cover - web.jpg
Dream Tree - back cover - web.jpg

Available at the shop / Listen on spotify


Wandelung is my debut album. I performed the music for the recording at the Reid Concert Hall in Edinburgh. The album consists of two piano cycles, First Days of the Century and Wandelung. The painting on the front cover is by Karl Sylvester and stems from a collaboration with the artist. The cover, painted in Wales, depicts a wintery river Wye.


“the two piano cycles radiate a feeling of great tranquility and comfort” (Georg Füchtner)

Wandelung - front cover - web.jpg
Wandelung - back cover - web.jpg

Available at the shop / Listen on soundcloud


I am delighted to have my music chosen vor a very special programme developed by Professor Nigel Osborne and his colleagues. Their aim is to use INRM (Innate Neurophysiological Response to Music) to help patients recover after illness. INRM is the science of a subconscious response to music*, and if applied in a focussed way, can help quicken a recovery. Of course, the aim right now is to help Covid-19 patients, who often have been through hellish experiences. We want to help this very special community on their road to recovery.

Relax with Vroni Holzmann's piano music with feelings of relaxation and calm - NHS Recovery College site
Free music service to provide self-care support during coronavirus pandemic - NHS Free Music Service

Technology which accurately and reliably categorises music by its physical effect on the autonomic nervous system - X-System

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