Updated: Feb 25, 2021

With a smile and a wave I'd like to welcome you to my site : )

So, what's to say? This site has been in the making for 500 years. Yes, it's true. At least it feels that way, aber hallo! That's German for 'you bet!', just less elegant and more punchy.

So, I spent 500 years making music and photos and songs and salad. And all those elements I have now collected for you. Except for the salad, I ate that. All the other things I've displayed across the pages in front of you and you can look at them and then go back to picking your nose.

You will find classical compositions, happy rock songs, landscape photography, portrait photography and all sorts of assorted art projects. You will find new things and old things and some things I'm still working on. It's an eclectic mix or a chaotic shambles, whichever you choose to believe in.

I wish you much fun browsing and also a very nice day. Goodbye wave.

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