Updated: May 20

Listen and relax with this NHS Free Music Service : )

If you are recovering from Covid-19 or any other stress on your system you may find this helpful for your recovery. Find it at or go directly to the playlist at

This support project has been created by Professor Nigel Osborne and colleagues and I am honoured that my music was chosen to be included. If you would like to find out more there is information on the composition page.

An album that was a long time in the making, Glow on the Horizon is now available to buy on this site. I worked with two amazing artists to create this stunning album. As part of a collaboration Karl Sylvester painted the oil painting you can see on the cover. And Kirsteen Davidson Kelly brought her elegant and contemplative piano playing to a recording which radiates calmness and the perfect emotional energy. For the optimal sound we managed to hire the Reid Concert Hall with its amazing Steinway concert grand.

Go to Buy Glow on the Horizon


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