Updated: Feb 25, 2021

I have just handed in a submission to a very quirky project. The premise is to find drafts of unfinished novels and get those published in a book. The submissions are allowed to be 500 words long. This will make for very interesting literature as a novel is usually in the region of 50,000 words.

I love the fact that there is no limit on when these drafts were written or what they are about. All that's required is that that they have been abandoned and that the author really wants to have a novel at the end of it. Unloved half-baked novels are probably lingering in thousands of drawers around the world, and to coax some of them out into the sunlight is a great idea!

My abandoned novel is called 'When I was tiny', although that's a working title for the jumble of words I found sitting in those old and dusty folders on my computer. I am now crossing my fingers that the editors will find them worthy : )

Half Baked Novels

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